David’s first form of artistic expression was photography, which began at age 14 after repairing an old AGFA 35mm camera. Photography instantly captured his creative imagination and the AGFA became his first of many cameras. David has sold photographic works online, and his photographs have been published in news media, on the cover of a paperback novel, and in several non-profit publications and websites.

David’s interest in other forms of expression took a back seat until 1999 when he and his wife decided to simplify their lives to give them more at home with their young son. David gave up his career in Air Traffic Control and devoted his time to several passions: family, pets, cooking, photography, and volunteer work. As their son grew more independent, David added studies at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, as well as self-study. He began creating works in numerous forms of artistic media including oil and acrylic painting, copper and leather work, and warm glass.

In 2008, David discovered encaustics. He was inspired by the enduring history of the art form, intrigued by the technical nature of working with the media, and drawn to the depth and richness of the results. Through extensive study of ancient and modern methods and rigorous experimentation, he is continually refining his techniques.

Today, when David is not in his studio or working around the house, you can find him hiking, watching local wildlife, or volunteering with various non-profits. We hope you enjoy David’s unique works of encaustic art.